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Topic subjectsince at least die hard with a vengence
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294745, since at least die hard with a vengence
Posted by justin_scott, Tue Jun-26-07 11:59 PM
remember the whole boat scene at the end. sam jack was shot in the leg by an automatic weapon, but he limps around?? how many times did mcclane get fucked up, and he still keeps going? the boat explodes AS they jump into the water, and they live??? the ending...you mean they couldn't hit mcclane with another automatic weapon, but he can get them with a handgun (yeah, i know, he shot the wires--which is easily believable--but how'd they miss him?)???

i haven't seen the movie (obviously), but nothing i've seen in the previews is any diiferent than what he was doing previously. one thing i will say though, is that while the "drive a car into a toll booth and then into a helicopter" is cool, it is a lil over the top, but i think that's what i expect. over the top, but fun and exciting.