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Topic subjectWorst Sex Scene?
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294029, Worst Sex Scene?
Posted by Smetana, Sun Jun-24-07 06:53 PM
Hill Have Eyes 2.

294032, Top Gun.
Posted by Frank Longo, Sun Jun-24-07 06:54 PM
294261, ^^^didn't take his breath away
Posted by jigga, Mon Jun-25-07 12:28 PM
294448, Boys Don't Cry
Posted by ansomble, Mon Jun-25-07 09:37 PM
When Hillary Swank gets ass raped near the end. man o man.
294456, First sex scene in Knocked Up
Posted by NoShelter, Mon Jun-25-07 10:17 PM
Seth Rogen mounting Katherine Heigl
294533, yeah...but it was funny
Posted by MadDagoNH, Tue Jun-26-07 08:22 AM
'Sorry I'm sweating on you' - Rogen

'Stop talking' - Heigl

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294508, Laurence Fishburne and Angela Bassett.
Posted by Anfernee, Tue Jun-26-07 04:15 AM
Ike and Tina in the recording booth.

That was kind of disgusting.
294613, um, that was a RAPE scene
Posted by Sad Puppy Eyes, Tue Jun-26-07 01:21 PM
not a 'sex scene'
294515, Code 46- Tim Robbins and Samantha Morton
Posted by Castro, Tue Jun-26-07 06:29 AM
294534, Jason's Lyric
Posted by WarriorPoet415, Tue Jun-26-07 08:35 AM



"There's a fine line between persistence and foolishness..."

"To Each His Reach"
-George Clinton
294602, True story.. Treach on the Garbage Can.
Posted by SensaiTate, Tue Jun-26-07 12:51 PM
294604, Lolita
Posted by SensaiTate, Tue Jun-26-07 12:53 PM
paedophile (sp) that...