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Topic subjectOfficial Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Post
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291343, Official Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Post
Posted by bshelly, Fri Jun-15-07 10:10 AM
Yeah, boy!! I got a solo!!! Shelly Shell got a solo!! Give me that anchor Longo!!

Anyway, for my first Official PtP movie post, I've got to express some worry. I've been geeked for this movie since I first heard the Surfer was in it, but the REALLY short run time (92 minutes) has me scared, especially if they try to wrap up the whole Galactus storyline.

Anyway, I'm hitting a matinee some time this afternoon.
291351, 45 on Metacritic, 27% Rotten Tomatos
Posted by buckshot defunct, Fri Jun-15-07 10:49 AM
Consensus seems to be that it improves greatly on the first, but is still pretty bad.

I think I can live with that. Anyways, my nephews are geeked. Should be fun.
291493, the grade: a legit B
Posted by bshelly, Fri Jun-15-07 03:26 PM
getting the bad stuff out of the way: galactus is a cloud that you don't see and gets resolved way too easily. we're talking he appeared on earth and was gone 2 minutes later. a really unacceptable end to the movie.

other than that? shit was tight. the script did a fantastic job with thing, johny, and especially mr. fantastic. i was amazed how well they took his aw shucks routine and put it into a contemporary context. doom was better, if not doom enough for my tastes. and the effects were fantastic. the silver surfer absorbed a damn missle.

totally acceptable, enjoyable popcorn movie, and much better than spidey III.
291520, What? Galactus just appears as a cloud?
Posted by JWBIII, Fri Jun-15-07 04:15 PM
Damnitt! That was the only reason I was semi-interested in this movie, to see Galactus. I don't care if a giant X-men sentinel looking thing sitting on a giant throne would have looked silly. Well maybe I'm glad I found this out so I didn't waste my money on actually going to the movie.

I can't believe that Galactus coming to destroy earth was resolved easily. How could something like that be resolved easily?

I still want to see an origin of Silver Surfer movie, but it would probably best to be done all-CGI like the Final Fantasy movie.
291518, i thought it was fresh. i'd see it again. n/m
Posted by Doc Maestro, Fri Jun-15-07 04:12 PM
291529, We must've saw a different movie
Posted by Starbaby Jones, Fri Jun-15-07 04:42 PM
It wasn't horrible but it was all setup and no payoff. Way too much time trying to crack jokes and gags that just weren't that funny. I didn't hate it the way I did Spiderman 3, but this movie is totally forgettable. I'm just glad I didn't pay for it.

291623, DVD rental at best (semi spolier)
Posted by freedomtrain, Fri Jun-15-07 10:55 PM
I took my wife who knows nothing of the FF other then the 1st movie which she liked. She even thought FF Rise of the Silver Surfer was weak. Little Kids will cheer, Marvel Fan Boys will cry and cry hard. Common sense will tell you, if they don't show Galactics in the trailer, then he ain't gonna be in the movie. Aside from that there is just bad acting and a very weak story.

291721, black director = my support
Posted by Basaglia, Sat Jun-16-07 04:23 PM
it was wonderful
291791, did they stick to the script? jack kirby and stan lee
Posted by AbdulJaleel, Sat Jun-16-07 11:04 PM
wrote a classic story line
291815, i'm watchin it now...it's exactly what I expected.
Posted by EmceeGrayMatter, Sun Jun-17-07 02:38 AM
but I didn't expect much.

if i may spoil it just a bit.

the surfer goin Kamikaze on galactus fits the movie. but brings their presence in this film series to a halt. which is corny when you think about all the things that galactus and the 4 get in to in the near future. comic movies never go that wrought tho.



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291831, It's much better than the first
Posted by YardBird33, Sun Jun-17-07 07:46 AM
Just saw it yesterday. I absolutely hated the 1st one, but this is definitely an improvement over that. I did feel like it was a bit slow though. But the effects were well-done and I can honestly say, while it wasn't a great movie, I was certainly entertained.

And hey, I saw it for free!

Peace-Like Stylee,


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291866, I saw it last night....it wasn't bad, but Spidey 3 was better
Posted by MistaGoodBar, Sun Jun-17-07 11:03 AM
291878, **spoilers**
Posted by Toothpick, Sun Jun-17-07 12:25 PM

the surfer murking galactus that easily was a letdown as an ending (why he ain't just do that eariler?)

but on the whole i liked this one. johnny wildin out super-skrull style was a cool moment. jessica alba seemed a little more comfortable this time around. action was better. i hate the dude who plays Doom, but having him steal the surfboard is oh-so-Doom.
291910, I'd give it 2.5 stars.... (Spoilers)
Posted by rorschach, Sun Jun-17-07 03:05 PM
The effects are much better this time around and this movie is definitely an entertaining movie to watch.

But I do have a couple of problems with it, though. I feel that Galactus was tacked on at the end though. Not to mention, he was practically a giant cloud.

And I shook my head at the whole scene of Doom getting the surfboard. What military official is that stupid to let anyone (let alone Doom) touch that board. It seemed implausible that they would just let him have the board.

The fight between Doom and Johnny was good but I wish it was longer and more drawn out. The best part of some of these comic movies is how grand the fight scenes are. That fight had the potential to match great fight scenes like those in Spidey 2.

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291913, DOOM was not pleased
Posted by Victor Von Doom, Sun Jun-17-07 03:27 PM
The portrayal of your king was not at all flattering. How dare these hack, so-called "filmmakers" suggest DOOM would allow the world to come into peril just to appease His ego? More lies propogated by Richards' media machine, no doubt.

In reality, DOOM would have easily dispatched the Four, the alien, and the storm cloud ("Galactus" indeed...it may as well had been called "Namor" for all its similarity) and been home in time for "America's Got Talent."
291997, straight ASS
Posted by Ghetto Black, Sun Jun-17-07 08:06 PM
i'm glad i didn't pay to see it
292010, Question: Where Jessica's eyes blue in the first movie?
Posted by BlakGirlSoul, Sun Jun-17-07 08:41 PM
Cuz I don't remember that
292028, Enjoyable...
Posted by Cement Shoes, Sun Jun-17-07 09:18 PM
The superhero shit was cool. The other stuff was corny.

Still good for a summer no-brainer and.....$57 million
292041, Great special effects, Horrible movie
Posted by sonofodin, Sun Jun-17-07 09:57 PM
The special effects were amazing but, if you had any previous knowledge of the Fantastic 4 then this movie was horrible.....

1. Horrible, Horrible dialogue....Everything was a joke, it seems its target audience was the 4-9year old range...also, the acting was wretched....

2. Doom on a surf board?! Get the fuck outta here!!!

3. Silver Surfer dies? Plus after visting thousands of worlds Richards figures out how to knock him off his board?! Plus, his power doesn't come from the board....

4. Galactis was a cloud!? Bullshit!

It was nice bonding with pops today but, we were both disappointed.
292075, doom has stolen silver surfer's surfboard before
Posted by justin_scott, Mon Jun-18-07 12:54 AM
in the comics--that was a good shout out to long time fans (same way jonny's having all their powers was a shout out to super skrull)

also, at the end, you can see that the surfer didn't die

as far as richards figuring out how to get the surfer off his board: remember he is one of the top minds on the planet, and if that seems extreme to you, why not the fantasticar? altho, the fact that the surfer's powers came from his board was lame.

p.p.s. you can see galactus three times. once, as he crosses saturn, a second time once the cloud arrives at the end in the china scene you could see his arm reaching down from the cloud, and a third time once the surfer flew up in the cloud at the end they just broke the clouds enough to give a glimpse of his face (yes, i know we expected to see a full shot with a full on battle, but c'mon)

i'm sure soon enough someone will get some screen captures out.
294605, Stills anyone?
Posted by SensaiTate, Tue Jun-26-07 12:55 PM
I am not paying to see this just for a glimpses of the planet eater..
294622, you'll probably have to wait til the dvd comes out
Posted by justin_scott, Tue Jun-26-07 01:47 PM
i know i'll be able to get some then
292104, Overall, I really just hope the movie gets the Silver Surfer his own movie.
Posted by eldealo, Mon Jun-18-07 06:40 AM
>The special effects were amazing but, if you had any previous
>knowledge of the Fantastic 4 then this movie was
>1. Horrible, Horrible dialogue....Everything was a joke, it
>seems its target audience was the 4-9year old range...also,
>the acting was wretched....
>2. Doom on a surf board?! Get the fuck outta here!!!

Doom did actually get a hold of the Surfer's powers before.
>3. Silver Surfer dies? Plus after visting thousands of worlds
>Richards figures out how to knock him off his board?! Plus,
>his power doesn't come from the board....

Yeah, that is bullshit. Dude is so much more powerful than that.
>4. Galactis was a cloud!? Bullshit!
>It was nice bonding with pops today but, we were both
292285, I liked it more than Spidey 3
Posted by GdChil1, Mon Jun-18-07 03:03 PM
The fact that it was rated PG had me skeptical but after watching the movie, I can appreciate it for what it was. I would definitely see it again and I plan on buying it for DVD (I don't even own the first f4 movie). The only thing that I think the movie could have done without is the Victor Von Doom story line...totally a waste of time and lacked cohesion to the rest of the story line.
292333, much better than spidey 3... really enjoyable..
Posted by Ice Kareem, Mon Jun-18-07 06:35 PM
292334, 57 million over the weekend....
Posted by Ice Kareem, Mon Jun-18-07 06:40 PM
im surprised and elated it did so well... but dam isnt that some shit that fantastic four is doing about 20 mil better than superman... returns wasnt handled well
292710, RE: 57 million over the weekend....
Posted by K. Dot, Tue Jun-19-07 06:01 PM
Marvel is making bank this year....
292367, The Surfer was PERFECT.
Posted by Voodoochilde, Mon Jun-18-07 08:33 PM
absolutely perfect. they captured everything that made him so cool in the comics when he first appeared. My wife who knows nothing of the comics history came out saying 'the surfer was AWESOME'

kudos to them for that.

i wanted MORE surfer though. i wish the movie was longer OR wish they would have split the story into two movies and had this one give us MORE surfer and the NEXT one give us the Galactus epic...

jessica alba is the female keanue reeves acting wise...ugh.

I really liked the movie. for the most part, It gave me what i wanted. The FF comic on the screen with all its quirky goofyness, a cool ass Surfer and an ominous Galactus (though the actual Galactus portion was wayyyy too short of a resolution. Like i said that should have been longer or handled in a sequel movie). I actually didn't mind the Galactus representation at all. I actually LIKED it the way he was not 'really' seen, but only glimpsed or inferred. To me that made him even more ominous and 'god like'. had he been a LITERAL pull from the comics ( big guy in a purple skirt ) i actually think that would have been tough to pull off and would have had far less of a 'scary end of the earth' feel like the 'engulfing cloud with glimpses of the entity beneath' did. No disrespect meant to the source material at all (which i am a huge fan of, back when i collected comics seriously FF's #48, 49 & 50 were the top shelf most PRIZED possesions in my collection), but in the modern day and in the movie medium the big skirted guy with a G on his chest would not have come accross to well no matter what special effects you have at your disposal. So I think they made the right choices in the movie as as far as that goes...

on the whole a fun, kick back and enjoy it, summer popcorn movie that doesn't take itself too seriously and doesn't disespect the source material.

it was wayyyy better than Spidey 3 (which was all over the place storywise/source materialwise, and quirky in the WRONG places.)

and did i mention...the Surfer kicked ASS? PEFECTLY executed!

292369, talk of a surfer movie has been circulating
Posted by justin_scott, Mon Jun-18-07 08:36 PM
292424, J. Michael Straczynski says he's got a Surfer script written
Posted by MrSpock, Mon Jun-18-07 11:56 PM
I'd be interested in his take on the Silver Surfer. As far as the Craptastic Bore? Nah, I was burned the first time around and the only Marvel character who's sequels I'll see will be Spider-Man (even though there's been some seriously diminishing returns with those).
292450, A Surfer solo movie would be fine...
Posted by Voodoochilde, Tue Jun-19-07 06:50 AM
...if they did it right. But one of the elements that make the Surfer interesting to me is his interaction with the FF/sue/eartlings...so i'd actually like to see that fleshed out a bit more along with whatever outerspace/Zenn La story they want to explore. Obviously a Surfer prequel would be interesting as well....

we'll see what happens...
292806, the ff is nice to see from time to time but it would be overkill...
Posted by eldealo, Wed Jun-20-07 05:50 AM
to feature them with him too much unless it was in a ff movie. personally, i always found the fantastic four to be more interesting in the story arcs of other comic books.

the silver surfer stories span many universes and there have been a ton of interesting ones without the ff. i wouldn't mind seeing more interaction with humans in general though. it just seems like an opportunity to do something on a scale and scope that hasn't really been done with marvel's characters by focusing on his adventures away from earth. potentially more risky though.
293114, Decent enough
Posted by spenzalii, Wed Jun-20-07 08:33 PM
Better that Spidy 3? Dunno about all that. You have to figure F4 had WAAAAAAY lower expectations than anything with Venom in it.

It was enjoyable. Not great, but decent for what it was. SS flying thry shit was cool. Doom was Doom. The effects were cool. The acting was, ehh. Galactus? Bullshit. But it was better than the first. I mean, we are dealing with the power cosmic, right?
293206, I reeeeeally wanna see Galactus
Posted by sweeneykovar, Thu Jun-21-07 02:16 AM
293214, He is a cloud, but it doesn't look nearly as bad as you would think n/m
Posted by Mr Mech, Thu Jun-21-07 07:17 AM
293440, I just figured out what was wrong....
Posted by KneelB4Me, Thu Jun-21-07 04:33 PM
Aside from Galacloud, and the corny humor, Thing didn't rep Yancy Street ONCE in either movie! I'm not the most up to date cat on F4, but I know Grimm big upped Yancy like Biggie did Brooklyn.

Otherwise, the movie was fun, but still won't find a place on my DVD shelf.


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294031, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Posted by Frank Longo, Sun Jun-24-07 06:54 PM
The Surfer= perfect. Human Torch= perfect. The Thing= perfect.

Mr. Fantastic= ehh. Mr. Fantastic's dance= lame. Invisible Girl= hot, but very very lame.

Dr. Doom= pussy.

Galactus= cooler than I expected.

Special effects= for the most part, really fucking good.

Action scenes= I dug em.

Script= better than the first one. Still a bit cartoonier than I'd do it, but it's the Fantastic Four.

Grade= I gotta agree with Shells. B.
294559, Why did they cut the sex scene between The Thing and his broad?
Posted by Vector, Tue Jun-26-07 10:50 AM
294606, because no one wants to see that
Posted by justin_scott, Tue Jun-26-07 12:57 PM
and it's a family movie. FF will always be a more family oriented movie. imagine if this movie were rated R or even pg13. numbers wouldn't be no where near what they are now.
294621, lol
Posted by Vector, Tue Jun-26-07 01:46 PM
BTW I was joking.
294633, ok...that makes me feel better. lol n/m
Posted by justin_scott, Tue Jun-26-07 02:15 PM
302211, wow. this was bad.
Posted by xangeluvr, Tue Jul-24-07 01:38 AM
very very bad. i really don't see how any of you liked this.
302319, RE: C'mon have a heart
Posted by maternalbliss, Tue Jul-24-07 11:53 AM
I liked it. Waaaaay better than the first one. It is the perfect popcorn flick. I enjoyed watching this more than
Oceans 13 which I fell asleep on, lol and Spiderman 3(sp3).I can understand why some folks thought f4 was better than sp3. Sp3 really dragged in some parts and I wanted more of Venom instead of the mummy/sandman geez.
302234, The next time you ask why Hollywood sucks, remember this.
Posted by bignick, Tue Jul-24-07 05:39 AM
You are the answer.