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293438, eh.
Posted by jane eyre, Thu Jun-21-07 04:25 PM
to clarify. yes, there's a message in the movies. no, i don't think that automatically makes the movies good or watchable, or somehow kosher because he's helping the black community. as long as he continues to indulge in wishy washy artistic standards (film, playwriting, direction, etc) i think the issue of values will ironically be the thing that works against him. he indulges in mediocrity and ignorance in ways that assign a positive value to them. when that happens, to me, he might as well have not taken the time to write a message into his movies in the first place, no matter how well meaning he is. it muddies things up when mom says marry a good guy but you see her having a hard time being a part of a functioning marriage.

if he's going to push the values front, i wish he'd take the time to consider whether or not value (of the artistic variety) is something that can be seen in the nuts and bolts creation of his material. the perry phenonmenon could very well lead someone to think that they should be applauded for a similar kind of creative effort.