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Topic subjectYou clearly don't know me very well.
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291933, You clearly don't know me very well.
Posted by bignick, Sun Jun-17-07 04:55 PM
>it does make you look like a sour hater. I would say
>"Everyone's entitled to their opinion" but it's obvious that
>you really hate this dude because you make it a point to jump
>in every Tyler Perry thread and air your dislike of him out in
>full detail.

I air my dislike of everything in full detail. That's what I'm known for around here.

>Like I said in the Daddy's Little Girls thread, Tyler Perry IS
>getting better at directing films. You didn't even see
>Daddy's Little Girls so you really can't accurately compare
>that film to Diary. Daddy's Little Girls is far better than
>his Madea movies and I still stand by the idea that melodrama
>does work in doses.

Yeah. And a tiny little pile of dogshit is better than a huge pile of dogshit.