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291908, No, but....
Posted by rorschach, Sun Jun-17-07 02:47 PM
it does make you look like a sour hater. I would say "Everyone's entitled to their opinion" but it's obvious that you really hate this dude because you make it a point to jump in every Tyler Perry thread and air your dislike of him out in full detail.

Like I said in the Daddy's Little Girls thread, Tyler Perry IS getting better at directing films. You didn't even see Daddy's Little Girls so you really can't accurately compare that film to Diary. Daddy's Little Girls is far better than his Madea movies and I still stand by the idea that melodrama does work in doses.

That TV show is another story, though...shit's horrible.

"Being the bigger man is overrated." -- Huey (The Boondocks)

"But today's black leaders, I'm afraid, have become leading blacks. And don't ever confuse leading blacks with black leaders." --Dr. Julia Hare.