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Topic subjectName calling doesn't make you any less wrong you child.
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291869, Name calling doesn't make you any less wrong you child.
Posted by bignick, Sun Jun-17-07 11:22 AM
>the second thing is you go harder at this dude than any other
>shitty filmmaker out there and it looks suspect.

Absolutely incorrect as usual. I go hard on anything that I think is crap. Tyler Perry makes movies on the level of a retarded junior high school student. He deserves any and all criticism that he gets. From me and everyone else.

>finally, he has a large audience, comprised of real people
>with real lives--grown people with brains--and FOR SOME REASON
>they see value in his work. that's the bottomline. i ain't
>gotta like his stuff to accept that. i respect anyone who
>stays true to what they do. that's why he got a following.

I accept all that stuff too. But his work is still garbage.

Two and a Half Men is the highest rated sitcom in America. It's awful.

The Devil Wears Prada made $124 million. It was awful.

Just because something makes a lot of money doesn't meat that it's worthy of respect. Everyone with a brain understands that.

>while y'all niggas sitting up here tryna pen these "quirky
>black comedies" (and convincing yourselves the bullshit A)
>good B) has an audience) tyler gettin paid on tried and true
>southern black comedy roots....and you mad.

Replace quirky with good, and you might actually have something. Films are art and it's absolutely valid to address them based on their artistic merit. For some reason, you have the asinine habit of forgetting all of that whenever something was created by a black person.

His work is garbage. I'm talking about it. And YOU are mad.