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Topic subjecti'll break it down, but i know yall don't wait it...
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291844, i'll break it down, but i know yall don't wait it...
Posted by Torez, Sun Jun-17-07 09:36 AM
what you really want is to
sideways hate on dude

at least bignick has the
balls to just say 'dude
is wack' and call it a day...

1.) he makes movies that distill
the mainstream, southern black
family experience down to a
digestable, feel good form...

2.) he markets his movies to
black institutions that he
knows contain his audience
(i.e., the black church, a
spot i suspect most of PTP
is alienated from or doesn't
mess with)

3.) he is able to tap into
the emotional fears/aspirations
of REGULAR black people, you
know, the blue collar, everyday
forty and fifty year old folks
that go to work, go to church,
etc etc etc etc <--- ie, mugs most of ptp don't fool with

^^ the breakdown ^^^