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Topic subjectlook, bitchmade nigga, i don't like his movies...
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291832, look, bitchmade nigga, i don't like his movies...
Posted by Basaglia, Sun Jun-17-07 07:52 AM
that's one thing.

the second thing is you go harder at this dude than any other shitty filmmaker out there and it looks suspect.

finally, he has a large audience, comprised of real people with real lives--grown people with brains--and FOR SOME REASON they see value in his work. that's the bottomline. i ain't gotta like his stuff to accept that. i respect anyone who stays true to what they do. that's why he got a following.

while y'all niggas sitting up here tryna pen these "quirky black comedies" (and convincing yourselves the bullshit A) good B) has an audience) tyler gettin paid on tried and true southern black comedy roots....and you mad.

cry your ass off, double H.