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Topic subject1st of all: If you think his movies are...
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291698, 1st of all: If you think his movies are...
Posted by soul4thought, Sat Jun-16-07 01:12 PM
more humorous than over-dramatized and "serious", you would be SO wrong.

"Madea's Family Reunion" had some guy slapping the -ish out of a woman. "Diary" had a woman being thrown out of her house.

I was watching like, "...so...this is supposed to be funny, right. I'm pretty sure I didn't rent Waiting To Exhale."

All of his stories are centered around the plight of the black woman done-wrong so, if you like that, his movies are right up your alley! If you like watching heartbroken, innocent and near-angelic men (one of which you will NEVER meet in your entire life) coming to their rescue, that's even better!