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Topic subjectThe formula's not that hard to figure out
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291092, The formula's not that hard to figure out
Posted by ZooTown74, Thu Jun-14-07 12:49 PM
Present women with emotional dilemmas, such as no-good men and/or drug problems and/or money woes and/or family issues

Present the "wild and crazy" family member who has their back emotionally, ie Madea

Have the women make emotional appeals to the Lord/use the church as an emotional crutch

Have the woman stand up emotionally to her "demons," whether it be the no-good man, and/or the drug problem, and/or the money issue

As a reward present the "good man" who is God-fearing and emotionally available and, well, "good" in that false Babyface "Soon As I Get Home" way

Roll credits

Notice what the key word in all of those is?


(Roll Credits)