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Topic subjectit wasn't that bad to *YOU*, Frank
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288138, it wasn't that bad to *YOU*, Frank
Posted by Sad Puppy Eyes, Tue Jun-05-07 03:40 AM
thats YOUR opinion. fair enough.

to *ME*, it was garbage and the technical savvy didn't redeem it at all. Horrible, horrible film. I wanted the 2 hours of my life back and I was glad I didn't pay money to see it.

In any event, I hope Pass the Popcorn doesn't become the lesson. Y'know, people are so strange...they take on the significance of texts (which really mean nothing and have nothing to do with them *personally*) as if its part of them and then if someone doesn't share their opinion, they make all kinds of presumptions about the poster who disagrees with them....when infact they don't know that person at all and have never even interacted with them lol. Suddenly they have the power of telepathy and shit, just because someone didn't like a musical *they* like.

Unless the makers of Dreamgirls are paying you, you got nothin to worry about.

You think its awesome....fine. I thought it sucked.

However, as I said, I was impressed with Hudson's performance of the song and I hope her career goes from strength to strength.