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Topic subjectI know I'll get hate, but Dreamgirls was painful.
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287234, I know I'll get hate, but Dreamgirls was painful.
Posted by biscuit, Sun Jun-03-07 12:38 AM
Best Actor/Actress Nominations? For what? Melodramatic oversinging? The halfway decent plot was buried so deep below the never-ending sappiness and routines that it was almost completely lost. It felt more like a bloated music video than a movie.

The music sounded like Disney on Ice. There were no peaks and valleys in the singing. It was all peaks. No room for air or subtlety, which is so often and sadly the case in today's popular music. Who wrote it, anyway? Andrew Lloyd Weber? It was so very, very wrong. Give me Holland-Dozier-Holland any day over that rubbish. it's just a direct slap in the face to Motown and it's incredible legacy.

The one notable is that the cast was loaded with talent and what a waste of perfectly good talent it was. Jennifer Hudson is extraordinary and it's a shame her golden pipes were used for such thin, corny compositions. It was fun, however, to see Beyonce take the Kelly Rowlands role for a spell.

Ah well, maybe I'm not being entirely fair because I basically hate musicals anyway.