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Topic subjectHush, I know it's The Fountainhead
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284977, Hush, I know it's The Fountainhead
Posted by JungleSouljah, Thu May-24-07 11:46 AM
I was post-call when I wrote that. Have pity.

As for Mr. Wolfe, I am Charlotte Simmons was not good. Men in their 60s should not be writing about what goes on in college, even if they've done extensive research and have a child or two currently attending university. It never works out. You can't capture the attitude and atmosphere unless you're experiencing it personally. And that absolutely showed through in his book. Nothing about it rang remotely true to me.

The end of A Man in Full may be one of the worst copouts I've ever seen in the history of literature. But I still enjoy Bonfire and Electric Kool Aid.