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Topic subjectYep, I do.
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284719, Yep, I do.
Posted by kurlyswirl, Wed May-23-07 06:27 PM
Mostly because I don't recall seeing your name in PTP before and it's rare that a non-PTP regular would make such a well thought out post. It's usually "I just saw City of God!" or "What time/channel is Lost on?" lol

>That's hilarious, i've never been accused of such. Besides,
>I post nothing like Maurice(i assume you mean Bridgetown).

Yes! Bridgetown! I couldn't for the life of me remember his (ahem, *your*) okp name, just that it started with a B. That's pretty bad, considering he was one of my first myspace friends, lol.

Hey, that's another reason I suspect you - Bridgetown hasn't been around much lately.

So there. :-p

>Just because we're both Barbadians! How dare you!


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