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Topic subjectthe more dangerous idea, I think,
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284291, the more dangerous idea, I think,
Posted by janey, Tue May-22-07 12:51 PM
is the business about blaming people if they're not materially successful. As though that's ANY gauge of merit. I mean, sure, you bet, rugged individualism, pull yourself up by the bootstraps and all, but that notion presupposes a level playing field, which has never existed in this or any country. So to make material success a virtue (and to make sure that there's a one to one correlation between attractive {read: Aryan} people and material success) is to propound a racist and classist philosophy.

The best thing about Ayn Rand is that she died on the same day as John Belushi, and was upstaged in her obituary by him. He was front page news and no one noticed her death. Oh boy would THAT have pissed her off!