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283238, Harry muthaphuckin Potter
Posted by JungleSouljah, Thu May-17-07 11:28 PM
8. Spiderman 3 - Haven't seen it yet, but I know I should before it goes away. There just doesn't seem to be a compelling reason.

7. Superbad - This trailer looks hysterical. And it's Apatow and Rogen so it's gonna be brilliant.

6. Transformers - Yeah, this is gonna end up ruining my childhood. But it's a live action Transformers movie. That's fuckin ballsy. And there's Megan. And Shia.

5. Knocked Up - Katherine Heigl + Seth Rogen + Paul Rudd + Judd + great reviews = definitely see in the theatre.

4. Live Free or Die Hard - Bruce Willis AND Bartleby Gaines??!!! People who slept on Accepted, I feel bad for you. Justin Long was great in that movie. And this is Die Hard. Which means it can't suck.

3. Ocean's 13 - Yeah 12 wasn't so good. Blahblahblah. They still look like they're having more fun than Brett Favre. And the costumes look hilarious. How can you not love great costumes?

2. Ratatouille - Brad Bird + Pixar + Patton Oswalt means this will be the best movie of the summer. Have you seen the 9 minutes of released footage? It looks like the most beautiful animation ever put to celluloid... or silicon. Either way.

1. Harry Potter 5 - The 2nd best Potter book (how the hell is this the worst Frank? worse than 4 or 6? No way). And the two latest trailers look fantastic. This has opportunity to beat out Ratatouille. Who's not excited for more Ralph Fiennes as the most evil of villains?

As for the other 12 I only listed movies that I'd realistically pay money to see this summer. I might see Chuck and Larry but Jessica Biel would be the main reason. If I could find time for 28 Weeks Later I'd see it, since it looks like another excellent zombie film. And Bourne Ultimatum I'll probably catch on DVD. I have yet to see one in the theatres. It just never seemed like a pressing engagement.