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Topic subjectRE: Rank your excitement about these 20 2007 summer movies.
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283140, RE: Rank your excitement about these 20 2007 summer movies.
Posted by Mr Mystery, Thu May-17-07 07:29 PM
>Your choices:
>Spiderman 3
>28 Weeks Later
>Shrek the Third
>Pirates 3
>Knocked Up
>Hostel 2
>Ocean's 13
>Fantastic Four 2
>Evan Almighty
>Live Free or Die Hard
>Harry Potter 5
>I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
>The Simpsons Movie
>The Bourne Ultimatum
>Rush Hour 3

fantastic four does not get on my list

20. Hairspray. A Movie that became a play, now a movie based on a play. no thanks sir.

19. Ratatouille-Fievel is the only cartoon mouse i need.

18. Hostel 2: First one was cool, but i don't like horror in the sumer

17. Rush Hour 3: Man fuck Chris tucker and his lazy ass. In the last what 7 years he's only done Rush hour. I'm good homie

16. 28 Weeks Later: I thought the first movie was overrated anyway

15. Evan Almighty: I love steve, but maybe corny

14. Sicko-eh

13. I Know Pronounce...: I like Sandler and Kevin, but hasn't this been done.

12. Live Free or Die Hard: Yippie Ki YaY Fuckers!

11. Harry Potter: They never really dissapoint

10. Shrek the Third: all the advertising is getting on my nerves.

9. Transformer: They're gonna fuck this shit up, but i must see it.

8. Simpsons: see above

7. Bourne: I've never got too hype about these, but i'm a damon fan.

6. Knocked Up: people keep sayin how funny it is, but the trailers are not that funny.

5. Spiderman 3: why not

4. Pirates; I just hope the story isn't as confusing.

3. Superbad: Shit looks golden

2. Oceans 13-Pacino's in. Elllen in the mix, its got to pay off

u get the idea