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283062, I'll play
Posted by DubSpt, Thu May-17-07 04:14 PM
>Live Free or Die Hard - only thing I am genuinely excited about, even if it might suck.
>Harry Potter 5 - if i didn't rank it this high I'd be a liar. have you SEEN the trailer?
>Ratatouille - I can't believe I still haven't seen Cars, but Pixar has never let me down.
>Knocked Up - mmm, Heigl.
>Superbad - should be funny.
>Transformers - i don't want to be excited, but I've started to appreciate Bay. Plus, they're alien cars that turn into big robots with guns.
>28 Weeks Later - sorry everybody, the first one ain't that good. but if this is as violent as everyone says, I am all for it.
>Fantastic Four 2 - 3 reasons why I will see this movie: 1) i saw the original. it sucked, but im commited now. 2) michael chiklis. 3) the trailer.
>Spiderman 3 - this is only low cause i already saw it, so i can't be that excited for it anymore.
>Pirates 3 - i havent seen the second yet cause i heard it wasn't that good. now I plan on watching the second and the third on the same day.
>The Simpsons Movie - how many years late is this movie?
>Ocean's 13 - 1st one = not that good, 2nd one = really not that good. 3rd one will prolly = not that good.
>Hairspray - truthfully, if i see it this summer it will be cause longo drags me with him. other than that i wont be sad if i miss it.
>The Bourne Ultimatum - i found the first and second ones boring even though i was excited for them. so im excited, but i know ill think its boring.
>Evan Almighty - wow did i not like the first one. damn you carrell for agreeing to do this. you know im gonna see it.
>Rush Hour 3 - see my comment on the simpsons movie.
>I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry - uh... okay.
>Hostel 2 - nope.
>Shrek the Third - i dont fucking think so.
>Sicko - dont know what it is so it is at the bottom by default. the real least excited i am is shrek the third.