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Topic subjecti'm gonna play categories here:
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283034, i'm gonna play categories here:
Posted by dro, Thu May-17-07 02:52 PM
movies i will make an effort to see in theaters:
>Knocked Up
>Evan Almighty

movies i will maybe see on dvd/ go if friends or family wanna see it and/or are raving about it:
>Spiderman 3
>28 Weeks Later
>Shrek the Third
>Pirates 3
>Ocean's 13
>Fantastic Four 2
>I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
>The Simpsons Movie
>The Bourne Ultimatum

movies i'm indifferent to:
>Live Free or Die Hard
>Harry Potter 5
>Rush Hour 3

movies i have no interest in seeing. ever:
>Hostel 2