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283007, Here we go
Posted by SoulHonky, Thu May-17-07 02:28 PM
1. The Bourne Ultimatum: I really liked the first two and want to see him in America with his memory back.

2. Rush Hour 3: I really liked the first two and think the formula is pretty hard to screw up.

3. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry: I'm slowly becoming a believer in Kevin James and I think it could be a funny flick. Also, Biel in a bikini.

4. Knocked Up: Great reviews.

5. 28 Weeks Later: Not all that fired up but it's the only thing I want to see that's out there.

6. Ocean's 13: I didn't like 12 but the group is still cool and adding Pacino should be interesting. Also, no Julia Roberts to muck up the works.

7. Pirates 3/Spiderman 3: Both are affected by Dead Man's Chest. I'm wary of At World's End because it's supposed to be even more convoluted than the last film (and longer). Meanwhile, I've heard very few good things about Spidey 3 and don't feel like walking into another two and a half hour film with bad reviews like I did with Dead Man's Chest.

8. Transformers: Expectations are low but it's Transformers. I'm still wondering if they ever are going to promote Shia's presence in the film. I thought Disturbia's success might have gotten him at least a couple more shots in the ads at least.

9. Live Free or Die Hard: I haven't seen the first two Transporter films but the fact that they got Bruce Willis for the... oh wait, this is a Die Hard sequal? Really?

10. Superbad: Could be funny. Will probably be a rental.

11. Evan Almighty: Evan Al"meh"ty. Still, decent reviews or word from friends and I might go to see it.

12. Sicko: Should be interesting.

The rest:
- Harry Potter 5: Haven't seen the last two. Just not all that into it.
- Shrek the Third: Never a huge fan of Shrek. Didn't see the second one.
- Hostel 2: Never saw the first one
- Fantastic Four 2: First one was bland. This could be better but it's still a Netflix film.
- Ratatouille: Confession time, I've never seen a Pixar film in the theater. This certainly won't be the first.
- The Simpsons Movie: I stopped watching The Simpsons on TV years ago. Not sure why I'd be interested in a film.
- Hairspray: Not only am I not interested, I might actually be opposed to this film.