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Topic subjectWhat the hell, I love lists.
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282995, What the hell, I love lists.
Posted by McDeezNuts, Thu May-17-07 02:17 PM
I'll group them into sets:

----- Worth seeing in a theater:
1 - Spiderman 3 - Loved it! Saw it in IMAX.

2 - Harry Potter 5 - I can't wait.

3 - 28 Weeks Later - Looks awesome. First one was cool as shit.

4 - Fantastic Four 2 - The first one was better than people give it credit, and I am excited about the Surfer.

----- Unlikely in a theater, definitely on DVD though:
5 - Transformers - Geeky, but sure. Could be cool in a theater, but probably not necessary.

6 - The Bourne Ultimatum - I like this series, so I'll peep this.

7 - Shrek the Third - I actually liked the first two, but I'm skeptical... I know I'll end up seeing it eventually (on DVD) because my wife will want to.

----- Would like to see it on DVD, but no particular desire.
8 - Knocked Up - Looks funny, and I like the cast. I never see comedies in a theater (except Borat or something I KNOW I'll love).

9 - Ocean's 13 - I liked first one quite a bit, but the second seemed like an excuse to get the actors together and fuck around on set. I'm not all that interested but will probably catch it on DVD eventually.

10 - Pirates 3 - first one is great, second was a fucking mess, so I'm not too interested. Still, probably will see it eventually.

11 - Superbad - This could be kinda funny but I don't really remember the trailer very well. Might check the DVD if I hear good things.

----- Unlikely to bother watching
12 - The Simpsons Movie - I would have been crazy interested in this about 10-15 years ago, but I haven't cared about Simpsons for many years.

13 - Rush Hour 3 - It might be funny but I kinda doubt there's many jokes left here.

14 - Hostel 2 - I didn't like the first one much; it was pretty damn pointless.

15 - Evan Almighty - Trailers don't do much for me, so probably not.

16 - Ratatouille - No way in hell I'd see this.

17 - Hairspray - Is this a remake? Very fucking unlikely, unless I'm totally mistaken about what this is.

I don't have the slightest idea what these are:
- Live Free or Die Hard - Is this another Die Hard movie? If so, I'd definitely check it.
- Sicko - Sounds interesting based on the title. lol
- I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry - Documentary about gay marriage?