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Topic subjectRE: Rank your excitement about these 20 2007 summer movies.
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282962, RE: Rank your excitement about these 20 2007 summer movies.
Posted by bigkarma, Thu May-17-07 12:42 PM
The only ones I'll make any effort to see are...

28 Weeks Later
Knocked Up
The Bourne Ultimatum

I'll probably see the Die Hard flick, since it will be a big event movie, but I don't have a good feeling about it. I like my action movies to have good old fashioned stunts with stuntmen and real cars...etc. The trailer looks like they have employed a lot of implausible CGI effects and they'll lose me with that.

I'll probably end up seeing Ocean's 13, because my wife likes the franchise, but if I can convince her to take a girlfriend...all the better.

I'll end up seeing Shrek and Ratatouille, because I have a young kid.

Everything else...eeehh. They'll be out on DVD by the winter.

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