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Topic subjectGreatest long tracking shots in Cinema
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282762, Greatest long tracking shots in Cinema
Posted by REDeye, Wed May-16-07 06:01 PM
I didn't see this here, so I'm posting it. If I missed it, sorry. I searched. But it seemed like something that would have popped up immediately.

This guy has assembled a list of one of our favorite subjects: the greatest long tracking shots in movie history. He's even included YouTube clips where available.


282766, The Protector
Posted by The Rapture7, Wed May-16-07 06:08 PM
282769, That's the first time I've seen that clip. Holy mother of God.
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed May-16-07 06:19 PM
The sheer logistics alone are mindboggling. Absolutely incredible.
282782, RE: That's the first time I've seen that clip. Holy mother of God.
Posted by dgonsh, Wed May-16-07 07:11 PM
>The sheer logistics alone are mindboggling. Absolutely
282789, He was beating PURE FUCK out of niggas EVERYWHERE.
Posted by The Rapture7, Wed May-16-07 08:00 PM
AND they never took the camera off him.

283316, dude was going straight final fight on them n/m
Posted by steelreserve40, Fri May-18-07 10:10 AM
283778, when he throws that dude off the balcony !!!!! scene is nuts
Posted by RECOR, Sun May-20-07 09:10 PM
282771, Touch of Evil
Posted by SoulHonky, Wed May-16-07 06:27 PM
One of the first and a great shot.
282930, ^^^This one wins
Posted by alias for mrhood75, Thu May-17-07 11:42 AM
A perfect shot.
282939, yee
Posted by Deebot, Thu May-17-07 12:02 PM
283203, Provided we aren't talking about the original cut with the credits
Posted by Call It Anything, Thu May-17-07 09:52 PM
283277, The Trial has a beautiful one too n/m
Posted by Mr Mech, Fri May-18-07 06:19 AM
282781, 'Weekend' opening car traffic shot is definitely up there for me. n/m
Posted by dgonsh, Wed May-16-07 07:11 PM
282792, RE: Greatest long tracking shots in Cinema
Posted by rdhull, Wed May-16-07 08:22 PM
Nice to see Strange Days get some shine.
282802, Children of Men car chase
Posted by beatsociety, Wed May-16-07 09:31 PM
12 minutes from top to toe...
even though i didnt quite realize it when i first saw it, i KNEW there was something unique about that scene.

not to mention the fact that they show-boated it by adding the ping pong balls...

282855, the ping pong ball looks cgi to me
Posted by theprofessional, Thu May-17-07 03:46 AM
i assumed it was, but couldn't figure out how they did it. if not, that's bananas.
282859, i thought so too... at first
Posted by beatsociety, Thu May-17-07 05:12 AM
but considering all the other hoops they jumped through to make that scene, cgi seems like cheating.

282864, war scene in children of men
Posted by Torez the Judge, Thu May-17-07 08:02 AM
282927, RE: war scene in children of men
Posted by l i f e, Thu May-17-07 11:25 AM
I read somewhere that it was 3 scenes spliced together. It was in an interview with the film editor.
282933, Yeah, they kind of cheated with that one
Posted by alias for mrhood75, Thu May-17-07 11:43 AM
But that happens pretty often with long tracking shots in this day and age.
282899, I am Cuba
Posted by BigWorm, Thu May-17-07 09:12 AM
That's all I got.
283181, which one?
Posted by genius.switch, Thu May-17-07 08:51 PM
I'm guessing you mean the rooftop-to-pool sequence, but there are at least twenty throughout the whole thing.

I talked about it in this post


But the funeral procession section is probably my runner-up (if not number one--beyond simply camera movement it has some great individual shots).
282912, Danny Pedaling in the Hall--The Shining
Posted by rorschach, Thu May-17-07 10:22 AM
That was probably a top five tracking shot IMO. It's probably one of the best examples of actually building a lot of suspense and horror without relying on a cheap scare.

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282934, The hallway fight in "Old Boy"
Posted by alias for mrhood75, Thu May-17-07 11:44 AM
Even though the knife is CGI, it's pretty f-ing great.
282935, The opening shot in "The Player"
Posted by alias for mrhood75, Thu May-17-07 11:46 AM
Nice touch to have Fred Ward and the other guy (forget who plays him) walking back and forth discussing great long-tracking shots in cinema.
283008, Yup.
Posted by blueberry jones, Thu May-17-07 02:29 PM
that shot goes into two or three different buildings, moves into offices, pans out...is on a crane....plus all the characters, actions, and movement involved in that shot.

that must have taken weeks to get just right.

imagine being an extra and fucking up the shot right at the end...you would be blacklisted for life

that's one of the main things i remember about that movie.

- blue
283089, Nostalghia
Posted by colonelk, Thu May-17-07 05:12 PM
Great because it is the farthest thing from showing off imaginable. A long tracking shot that integrates powerfully with the story.

So good I won't even describe it for those who haven't seen it. For those who have: the candle.

283109, 400 blows
Posted by hope, Thu May-17-07 06:05 PM
Suprised no one mentioned that.
283317, I forgot about Oldboy!!!
Posted by BigWorm, Fri May-18-07 10:19 AM
Which also happens to also be my favorite action sequence.
283561, I won't be flamed for suggesting
Posted by Nukkapedia, Sat May-19-07 05:44 PM
"Why Do Fools Fall in Love" as an Honorable Mention, will I?

A five-minute shot that goes from one era of time to another, and still manages to include two musical performances and character exposition is no small feat.
283604, Breaking News, hands down.
Posted by HighVoltage, Sun May-20-07 12:45 AM
the most amazing thing in that shot, that you rarely see in other tracking shots, is that the camera is CONSTANTLY moving across every square inch of that block. Its stunning how To moves the camera in/out/pans/tilts/zooms/tracks/etc... pretty much every filming technique is employed, and he does it for 7-something minutes straight!
283670, The closing shot of Electra Glide in Blue (SPOILER)
Posted by ZooTown74, Sun May-20-07 01:20 PM
Barely remember the movie itself, but I almost always catch that final slow tracking shot away from Robert Blake's lifeless body in the middle of an Arizona highway, as James William Guercio's "Tell Me" plays on the soundtrack

Shot by Conrad Hall

Try and catch the movie if you can, it was just on Turner Classic Movies
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283763, co-fuckin'-sign n/m
Posted by Sponge, Sun May-20-07 08:43 PM
283671, hardboiled still gets me everytime i watch it.
Posted by PlanetInfinite, Sun May-20-07 01:23 PM

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