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Topic subjectRE: FIRST UP FOR DISCUSSION: Pulp Fiction posts.
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277562, RE: FIRST UP FOR DISCUSSION: Pulp Fiction posts.
Posted by genius.switch, Sun Apr-29-07 11:27 PM
Perhaps, this is where there might be some disagreement.

For the most part, the posts that break from discussion and become big ol' tangled messes of tangents and ad hominems are boring to me. It's alright to highlight someone being clowned or bickering back and forth in some really notable fashion, but I think if you try and carbonite a couple meager examples, it brings the worth of the whole lot down. Basically, you don't see every time WC and AFKAP go at each other in the Lesson being archived. That shit is rather common place and not all that exciting once it's been a minute or two after. And O_E's argued with anyone and everyone, so I don't think there's any special need to save these.

I think all three posts, and any that are being perserved simply because hand-slapping was involved, should go. I'm sure you, Frank, or whomever, might feel different, and that's cool, but I'm just stating where I side.