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Topic subjectNEXT UP FOR DISCUSSION: The Crash posts.
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277421, NEXT UP FOR DISCUSSION: The Crash posts.
Posted by Frank Longo, Sun Apr-29-07 10:53 AM
*******'Crash' Discussion Post
A brief word on Crash

This is gonna sound like nepotism, but I think the most archivable is the last one, my post. I think it was the apex of the anti-Crash movement, it has the strongest opinions of all 3 posts, and I personally just think it's pretty damn funny.

I'm torn on the first two. See, I feel the Crash reactions are somewhat symbolic of how PTP feels towards popular "meaningful" movies: at first they love it (the first post), then someone states how strongly they hated it (the second post, which I believe was the first really strong anti-Crash post), then the lovers of the film never show up anymore for fear of mockery and the hatred runs rampant (the last post).

In order of importance of archival, I'd say the last one, then the first one, then the middle one. The last one is the only one I REALLY think should be archived, but I also think it could be really great to have the first one archived too with all the love in it (especially ?uestlove's glowing heartfelt praise for it). The second one... after the original comment, which I think is hilarious and damn near legendary for how much it pissed off some people (who found it representative of the PTP style of reviewing films), there's not much else, so I'd probably be okay with losing that one.