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Topic subjectFIRST UP FOR DISCUSSION: Pulp Fiction posts.
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277419, FIRST UP FOR DISCUSSION: Pulp Fiction posts.
Posted by Frank Longo, Sun Apr-29-07 10:46 AM
Stanley Crouch's essay on Tarantino flims (everyone should read this)
How well do you think Pulp Fiction has aged?
The Pulp Fiction Post

Personally? I would keep the first two, if simply because the Orbit_Established blowups over Pulp Fiction are simply legendary. The first one having a great O_E vs. Damaja battle, the second having a great O_E vs. AFKAP battle. O_E's hatred of Pulp Fiction has been an institution of PTP for the last several years, and I really actually like both of these posts as evidence of such.

The last one is superfluous, has no true value that couldn't be repeated, and I think it should go.