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Topic subjectThis feels like the Breakfast Club. lol
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275717, This feels like the Breakfast Club. lol
Posted by genius.switch, Sun Apr-22-07 11:32 PM
And I can't help but feel like Anthony Michael Hall.

I think there are a couple kind of posts that should be chopped off first.

1. Repeat Posts
--stuff that's covered multiple times
2. Quote / List heavy posts w/out much dicsussions
--what's the point?
3. TV Show Season Posts
--i can't imagine too much rereading comes from a lot of them.
4. Impotent Reply-wise
--obviously, they offer little dicussion.
5. Prep Time
--i think there are a number of great comic posts, unfortunately they're the exception

Basically, as Frank said, archived posts should offer insightful discussion or something else that makes rereading them worthwile (jokes, information, etc.).

There are others that don't fit in those five categories, but we can get to them later.

Since I'm in a cutting-type mood, let me at least offer some of mine up for execution.

I Love the 70s-VH1
PERSONAL REQUEST (Just a bunch of lists that don't make sense out of discussion)

Homosexuality in Films.
PERSONAL REQUEST (No dicussion really came out of it)

"greatest films" recommendations-

Persona (1966)
PERSONAL REQUEST (I don't know why this was archived in the first place)

it's the money (c) josh davis
PERSONAL REQUEST (Doesn't merit rereading)

Sickness: rationalizing a great director's bad movie(s).
PERSONAL REQUEST (don't know why this was archived to begin with)

What's the happy medium?
PERSONAL REQUEST (there's other stuff that covers similar ground)