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Topic subjecthe did a set for over 3 hours in pittsburgh right after the Newsweek thing
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274990, he did a set for over 3 hours in pittsburgh right after the Newsweek thing
Posted by B.WilkZ, Thu Apr-19-07 12:06 PM
he did two shows on the night I saw him in Pittsburgh. I went to the later show, and after he was suppose to be done he was like "What am I gonna do, goto the hotel and masturbate? I got nothing to do! I'm staying" and he kept just improving stuff about the news and it was the funniest part of the whole show. I was actually part of the show, we had a whole dialogue in front of like 300 people that were there in the audience.... basically what happened was he was like "Ok people shout things out in the news or you want to takl about" and people would shout out random things like someone was like "Will you do season 3?" and Dave pointed at him and was like "Nice try Comedy Central, I knew you were around here somewhere!"... but the best part was when he was like "Ok Pittsburgh, fuck all this, I want to hear your grimyest dirtiest sex stories and I'll tell you mine" and he would listen to random people who would shout stuff out, like one guy was like "I fucked a girl with a mohawk" and he was like "That aint crazy! I fucked a girl with a purple pussy" and started laughing at himself. Then another dude was like "I had sex in an elevator" and he was like "Damn, I couldnt do that, I'd be done by the time it got to the 2nd floor, it's be like DING DING, nut, cya bitch!" that shit had everyone doing. Then where I come in, I was like "Yo Dave! I fucked a girl who used to shit the bed", and he looked at me and was like "Oh my god! That's nasty... do you still talk to her?!" and I was like "Nah Nah, I had to cut her off" and he looked at me and was like "Yeaaaah right... you know you still call her sometimes at 3 AM like 'It's okay girl, everyone shits the bed now and then'"... lol, it was classic, I wonder if anyone has that on video, it was honestly like one of the first shows he did after he came back from Africa, but I would be in the video which would be wild.

Anyways, funniest thing I ever experienced in my life.

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