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Topic subjectRE: OE here to tell y'all why SPIDERMAN 3 is going to be GARBAGE
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270794, RE: OE here to tell y'all why SPIDERMAN 3 is going to be GARBAGE
Posted by FortifiedLive, Fri Apr-06-07 10:03 AM
>1) You've finally realized that Kirsten Dunst is ugly.

lol i've known this from the get-go. this chick needs lips.

>3)They've violated the 'Batman Returns' rule:

i question this too. when i heard about X-Men 3, i was wondering how they'd be able to fit all that story in one movie. they pulled it off though, so who knows, maybe Spidey3 will too.

>Then he'd slam someone and do that
>boring leg drop shit and it was a rap.
>That's gonna be Spidey in this movie.

lol. just lol.

>3)I must preface this with a no-homo, just because I got to.
>Tobey Mcgwire is plain uninteresting to look at. His boyish
>innocent I'm naive bullshit look on his face can't carry 3

lol again. does a no homo null and void every degree of homoness? 'cause that's pretty high up there. hahaha jokes, fam.

>And real talk: Peter Parker's character isn't actually
>very well. I know his appeal is that he's supposd to be a
>"regular kid that everyone can relate to" and that's cool,
>he's a grown man and I want to see some real views on
>...I don't know, have a scene where the nigga recyles some
>cans or
>something..man up, bitch.

i couldn't agree more.

>And which one of y'all told me to see 300? That was some
>April Fool's bullshit a month early, so fuck y'all.

yeah, 300 was waaaaaay overrated. if you take it for what it was--a visually pleasing movie and nothing else--then it was good. but people talk as if it's braveheart or some shit.