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Topic subjectwait- it's because KD is ugly,TM is plain, and too many bad guys?
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270549, wait- it's because KD is ugly,TM is plain, and too many bad guys?
Posted by Cold Truth, Thu Apr-05-07 04:25 PM
you go off on this long winded diatribe and those were the best you could offer?


the three villains thing i can see, the other two are beyond laughable.
you remind me of my friend ho launched into a massively moronic tirade about why oceans eleven will suck because "everyone knows you can't break the rule of twelve".

how about things like casting, plot, script, direction, etc?
nah, lets nitpick on how attractive the two (quite well established) stars of the film are

and tobey as peter parker, both in action and writing, is almost dead on. the only thing they didnt nail was his smart ass side. but then yu nitpick his lack of "views". as if the whole "with great power comes great responsibility" and struggling with sacrificing his personal life fr the greater good of the innocent people that inhabit his city isnt enough of a powerful view. this shit isn't about making political statements, the story is about personal responsibility and sacrifice. take your ass elsewhere if you want that shit. you sit here and complain about the movie having too many villains yet you want to sacrifice even more precious screen time to hear peters thoughts on global warming?

and t be honest, with what i have read in regards to the way this has been written, the three villains will be far less of a problem then most think. raimi has done an excellent job thus far; lets reserve judgment until we actually see the movie on this one. michael bay has left us with plenty of other shit to bitch about.