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Topic subjectyou nailed this one
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270498, you nailed this one
Posted by bshelly, Thu Apr-05-07 02:43 PM

>1) You've finally realized that Kirsten Dunst is ugly.

Ego Trip nailed this one first, but we must constantly remind the young and impressionable, lest they fall trap to the great media conspiracy. Thing is, I think white women think she's attractive. They're the only ones I've ever head say anything good about her.

All I can say is, hope she's saving this cash, because the well will dry up real quick.

>3)They've violated the 'Batman Returns' rule:

This is the big thing. You don't need a lot of villains. What made Spidey 1 and esp 2 so great is that they understood this. Give us one villain and develop him, so that when stuff starts to blow up we'll care. There's no way I'm going to care about any of these villains or whether Spidey beats them.

FF2, however, is going to win. SILVER SURFER.