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Topic subjectthis is totally late but i saw this here (dallas) last week
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289017, this is totally late but i saw this here (dallas) last week
Posted by luvlee2003, Fri Jun-08-07 04:14 PM

The entire time i felt like i was watching a Gordon Parks photo come to life. I kept thinking of all of those old black and white childhood photos of my mom with her pressed yet all over the place pigtails and my dad looking ashy, mischeivious and happy.

some of the cinematograpy was dooooope. just the way certain shots were set up and executed were awesome for such an amatuer production.

I can't wait for this to come out on DVD so i can buy a copy for my parents. i think they'd love it for a lot of nostalgia reasons.

and another thing... why was i the first one in our theatre to officially laugh out loud when Stan got on his son about calling his mama "Madiera" lol that one hit close to home.