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Topic subjectThey're going to look bad if they go about it that way
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269622, They're going to look bad if they go about it that way
Posted by SoulHonky, Tue Apr-03-07 12:39 AM
It doesn't matter if they are right or not. If we learned anything from John Kerry's loss to George Bush, it's that. If you fight the fight the wrong way, you'll end up looking worse for it. You bring up Cheney's daughter once too often and his hypocrisy becomes your picking on his daughter.

Ari and Rogan are fucking up. You can't argue against that. Rogan lost his main club and his representation over the shit. He came at it in a bullshit way and came out the loser even though everyone agreed with him. Honestly, if they are going to go about it this way then they should just man up and give Mencia a beating. It's about as effective of a plan.

This is an issue which most people don't care about and that Rogan and Ari are handling so that people won't want to hear about it anymore. And I'm going to bash those two just as much as I bash Kerry. If you are on my side of a fight and you fuck it up so bad that it makes it harder for others to stand up and be heard, then you need to put in check. I want to hear from those two clowns about as much as I'd want Kerry to take another crack at the white house.