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Topic subjectYou're really wrong about some things here.
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268977, You're really wrong about some things here.
Posted by bignick, Sat Mar-31-07 07:20 PM
>If I thought dude wrote any more than "Eddie Murphy is an
>African prince that comes to QUEENS to find a wife" there may
>be a problem.

He did write more than that. If you look at the Wikipedia entry that I posted you'll see the following:

"In 1982, Buchwald wrote a screen treatment that was pitched to Jeffrey Katzenberg of Paramount, with the intention of starring Eddie Murphy, who was under contract to Paramount at the time."

A treatment is much, much more than "Eddie Murphy is an African prince that comes to Queens to find a wife." You don't lose a huge lawsuit because a guy had a half of an idea.

>Dude was one of a million people that pitched a story for the
>hottest comedian/actors on the planet & SETTLED for a little
>piece for his effort.

Again, you're wrong. Dude was THE GUY who wrote a complete treatment for a very specific movie idea. Just so you know a treatment is usually a pretty detailed description of the story idea, the characters, the setting, ideas for jokes, etc. There's a reason they lost the lawsuit.