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Topic subjectNo and here's why:
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268962, No and here's why:
Posted by KingMonte, Sat Mar-31-07 06:16 PM
If I thought dude wrote any more than "Eddie Murphy is an African prince that comes to QUEENS to find a wife" there may be a problem.

If I thought Washington Post columnist Art Buchwald had Soul Glo in him, Sexual Chocolate, Eddie as numerous characters - if he wrote the Peaches breast rap - maybe my appreciation would be tainted.

Dude was one of a million people that pitched a story for the hottest comedian/actors on the planet & SETTLED for a little piece for his effort.

Hell, I'd like to see Buchwald's script and compare. I'm sure he, like most Jewish writers, held the African prince, and all of the Black characters, in the highest regard...cause you know how Jewish writers are always writing for Black actors.

In conclusion, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.
Who's next.

(I say fuck you in jest, not as a direct insult.)