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Posted by Frank Longo, Mon Nov-20-06 12:42 AM

>1. What DVD's do you plan on buying/watching in the next
>month or so?

Goddammit, LOL. I need to save money, but I will DEFINITELY be purchasing:

Seinfeld Season 7
Animaniacs Season 2
Pinky and the Brain Season 2
SNL Season 1 (maybe...might be a Christmas gift)

Plus, I just bought Kids in the Hall Season 4 and Woody Allen Set 3 (the one with Hannah and Her Sisters and Broadway Danny Rose in it), so I need to cool it with the purchases.

>2. What are your thoughts on the possible best picture
>candidates this year? What are some of the best movies you've
>seen already, and which ones do you want to see soon?

- The Departed should be nominated. It's the best one I've seen so far.
- Little Miss Sunshine was fun, but does not deserve to be nominated for Best Picture.
- I should be seeing both Babel and The Queen in the next two weeks, along with (hopefully) The Prestige, For Your Consideration, Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny, and Casino Royale.

It hasn't been a terribly great movie year so far. But I have high hopes for season's end.

>3. Why do you hate Dirk Nowitzki? Have you noticed that the
>Mavs have been winnin EVERY game lately?

I did notice, and I don't care. I hate him because he's an asshole, he calls out his teammates publicly (ESPECIALLY Erick Dampier when Nowitzki should be guarding the big men), he has an aversion towards physical contact, and he's a 7 footer who is allergic to the paint. He is currently a 25-10 man, which is great. Good for him. But if he developed his post game, he could easy become a 30-15 man who contributes heavily on defense. But he doesn't.

Since I was a defensive specialist in my basketball days, it burns me that a dude with his talent and his size refuses to bang around in the paint. And then yells at his teammates for not doing his job.

Shit, I go to the Duke gym and play with dudes who play IM basketball and get my ass kicked. But I STILL go down low into the paint and fight for the offensive boards and the putbacks. JUST RUSH THE PAINT DIRK!

But anyhow.

>4. Did Brett Favre have fun today?

He broke his fun streak when that nerve in his arm fucked up. That has GOTTA hurt.

>5. Are you eating fishsticks right now?

Yup. They good.