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Topic subjectAs a theater geek, I am pumped as hell for Dreamgirls.
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232015, As a theater geek, I am pumped as hell for Dreamgirls.
Posted by Frank Longo, Mon Nov-20-06 12:30 AM
>1. What do you think Dreamgirls is gonna be like?
>Good/bad/somewhere inbetween/Best picture?

Worst case scenario: good picture, quality musical.
Best case scenario: nom for Best Pic, wins in other categories.

Bill Condon is the truth. He knows theater, and he knows how to make it work in cinema form. I'm pumped to see this.

>2. Of the movies you've seen so far this year, what is your
>personal Best Pic frontrunner?

Without a doubt, The Departed. BUT I haven't gotten a chance yet to see either The Queen or Babel, both of which are at my neighborhood theater. I take the GRE Tuesday, so after that I'm hittin the cinema.

>3. Of all the things you've learned on this board, what has
>proven to be the most beneficial?

Jesus. Um...I'd say two things have really been enlightening to me:

1. Seeing all the people with different tastes in movies (King Friday different from Janey different from you different from O_E different from etc.) has helped me a lot in analyzing film from a somewhat more objective angle. It's opened my eyes to more artsy films, and the problems with artsy films. It's opened my eyes to some mainstream affairs that I might not have otherwise been drawn to, and it's made me recoil at the lack of content. It's helped me to see both sides of the coin, which then enables me to really pinpoint what I like and don't like in my own personal tastes. Being exposed to many different chefs expands the palate. No homo.

2. The posters who are working in film/comedy/theater/etc. have REALLY opened my eyes to what that is like. As a Duke student who has more or less had privilege drop in his lap by luck greeting me around every corner, seeing the successes/tribulations/processes of how it works outside of my neck of the woods is really enlightening, and has helped me figure out how I want to approach my own eventual artistic output.

Sidenote: For the first time ever, I got paid by people who want to perform a play I wrote. My old high school is doing it, since it was such a hit when I was there. Granted, I wish to death that I could rewrite it...but the target audience digs it. And I'm getting some money in my pocket. So I can't hate. :)

>And finally a comment...thanks for being a kick ass moderator
>on here.

Thank ya much, brother.