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Topic subjectTHE 20,000TH POST EXTRAVAGANZA!!!
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Posted by Frank Longo, Sun Nov-19-06 11:43 PM
You fuckers have made me waste so much time. And yet I've learned so much.

I wanted to use this post to accomplish many things. First off, let me start with an announcement.

1. THE OKAYPLAYER MOVIE CLUB WILL BE RETURNING IN A TIMELY MANNER. All other manners of organization have failed in the past, so we will be doing this, since this is my last semester of school and I don't have anything better to do. People will inbox me their suggestions for the week, I'll form a poll, we'll vote for 24 hours, and that'll be the choice. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME DUMB SHIT. We will be doing this to expand cinematic knowledge, get acquainted with classics that we might never have seen, et cetera. So get ready, movie geeks. December 1st. Mark your calendar. The first Movie Club poll results will be up that day.

2. As ricky_BUTLER and a few other people know, I've been eyeing a big task: fixin up the ole archives. There's a whole lotta shit in there that doesn't really reflect PTP, like Jill Scott CD reviews with 5 replies and what have you. Keep an eye out for the Spring Archive Cleaning post, because I will certainly want all of your input.

3. I'd like to shout out the following people who I've learned a whole lot from during my far too much time on these boards. This includes, but is by no means limited to...ah, fuck it. You know who you are. I'm not gonna make a list and seem elitist, so if you know I would've named you, pat yourself on the back.

4. Being a sometime film critic/fulltime theater major/all-the-time PTP asshole, I'll take this post in the same direction I took my 10,000th post. Ask the mod a question. About anything. I'd rather you keep it somewhat film/TV/theater related to keep it strictly within the confines of the guidelines, but I'll let it slide. I'm the moderator, and this is a PTP celebration, bitches. Ask your boy Frank Longo some Qs and I'll give some As.