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Topic subjectFuck Malvolio -- that dude is a Herb
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229826, Fuck Malvolio -- that dude is a Herb
Posted by celery77, Fri Nov-10-06 10:58 PM
>I like Malvolio too, but he's not really a villain as much as
>he is someone who tries to force a chaotic world into order.

He's just a pain in the ass. I don't like him at all. Iago's interesting because he has NO motivation at all. There is absolutely nothing that drives him. Once you think you know what winds him up, he contradicts it a little while later.

Malvolio, on the other hand, is a stupid herb. For one, Iago would NEVER get tricked into being put into an asylum or none of that shit. Iago would be cold RUNNIN the insane asylum, fuck sittin in it. Meanwhile, Malvolio is just a goddamn square living in a transgendered world. There's not a single thing you can tell me to convince me that Malvolio is anything besides a comedic foil. Iago is interesting, elusive, Malvolio is just a plain loser who Shakespeare never liked at all.