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Topic subjectIt never gets old for me to say it...
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224557, It never gets old for me to say it...
Posted by Ryan M, Sat Oct-21-06 05:40 AM
...but yeah, I love this place. All the regulars - you know who you are - you have introduced me to countless amazing films, TV shows, literature, etc. It's been nice, because I've been around this site for the last 5-6 years (and 4 of posting regularly), and you guys have seen me "grow up" in a sense. From going to film school to graduating to my struggles in the industry to finally landing that first REAL job in television...I've gotten tons of advice and well wishes from PTP.

I'm not gonna risk leaving anyone out so I won't name names, but I will say it feels good to see other people name me. I really know so little about film compared to these other people here that I can't believe other people would put me in that group. It's real cool to think that reviews or advice or suggestions I've given people have inspired or helped them in one way or another. That's whats up. And it's why I like this place. It's real cool.