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Topic subject**Spoilers** - Happy Together re: style
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215207, **Spoilers** - Happy Together re: style
Posted by Sponge, Fri Sep-15-06 02:37 PM
>Yeah, I paused b/c of the gay romance theme but that film is
>absolutely amazing.

It's one of the best dramatizations of exile and loneliness I've seen. Lai's whole thing w/ his pops. Not to mention being stuck in a place so far from home. Makes me appreciate being so near to family and friends.

>Bertolucci himself said that watching
>that movie made him want to make films again.

Wow. Where did he say this?

>The thematic
>switches from b/w to color are so well-done and the return to
>the waterfall metaphor is also amazing...

And the switches from color to color. My first viewing I was a little confused about the spaces. Was it Lai's same apartment? A new one? Was it Ho's own apartment which we never established prior? But, it was the same apartment w/ different colors!

And how the colors expressed the characters emotions and mindstate and seasons....amazing.

>"Days of Being Wild" is also worth mentioning...

I want to see the proper version...Doyle speaks of the green haze that is missing from the R1's.