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Topic subject**Spoilers** - Happy Together
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215205, **Spoilers** - Happy Together
Posted by Sponge, Fri Sep-15-06 02:27 PM
>I LOVE the cinematography in that scene. Sometimes when I'm
>bored I just throw in the DVD and skip straight there. The
>cinematography in the whole movie is brilliant, but that one
>scene STILL manages to stand out.

Oh, man. Where do I begin? Haha, I do the same. Ya know, I wanna make an avy w/ the specific moment when the sun is shining center frame top edge w/ some smoke cloud.

My fav moments (off the top):

-when Ho grabs Lai's hand to light his cig and the image lights up!
-all soccer scenes (the green, sun backlight, unfocused background)
-dance in the kitchen
-Lai at the waterfalls w/ mist on the lens!

>>I dig. Your thoughts on "2046"?
>First impressions is that it's the most self-indulgent of his
>films, heavily self-referential. It had been a few months
>since I'd seen ITMFL, so I was always worried there was stuff
>going over my head. I need to watch those two back to back
>and then see how I feel.

The intertexuality and self-reference was overblown by critics, IMO. It was done not in a "look at my motifs" and "how sharp I am" fashion, but to loosely connect his 60's HK trilogy (Days of Being Wild, ITMFL, 2046). People seem to forget that 2046 takes place in the 60's. But, anyway, get on it! Those images, man...I swear.