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Topic subjectOooooh, Denis!
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215197, Oooooh, Denis!
Posted by Sponge, Fri Sep-15-06 01:56 PM
>So one that I just saw that I have to mention is Claire Denis'
>"L'Intrus". Have you seen this? I'd say maybe 30 lines of
>dialogue in the whole thing. A visual feast with just a
>haunting loop as a soundtrack. This would actually crack my
>Top 5 I think b/c it's all cinematography.

I'm waiting for the 26th when the Region 1 is supposed to come out. But Denis, is a favorite of mine. Probably the most slept on brilliant filmmaker working right now. Been dying to see L'Intrus.

>Angelopoulos? I've seen nothing. School me.

Been called Greek's most famous filmmaker; big on the festival circuit, FWIW. His 2 films are the only Greek films I've seen.

Think Antonioni (i.e. early Antonioni long takes, long shots, blocking, rhythm/pace) and multiply times 2...or 10. And some shots are really distant. Can be quite maddening to me like Tsai, but awe-inspiring still.

Think Brechtian.

Very serious movies and director like Tarkovsky and Bergman. You don't come out feeling happy in general.

2 rather distinct periods: earlier political/historical and later more individual yet political/historical/social (like Hou).

"Landscape in the Mist" is highly recommended. A film exploring identity and journey via 2 children looking for their father.

I have mixed feelings on "Ulysses Gaze," a movie about an archivist/filmmaker going to his homeland and looks and discovers many things. Some moments of brilliance.

If you like here's some screenshots:


>So "Visions of Light" is worth seeing?

Very much worth seeing for getting into cinematography. Highly informative basic stuff - like a very good 101 class. So, underwhelming for knowledgable cinematography students. And the DP's and other interviewees go technical sometimes so that was a plus for me.

>Mark Lee - I've seen a number of his films and liked them just
>didn't realize it was him throughout until now.

"Springtime In a Small Town" (Tian, 2002) is another brilliantly Lee-shot joint. Go see it, if you haven't yet. Its remarkable when you compare his recent works to his early Hou works as he uses more movement and beautiful colors and lighting.

>Storaro is another that this post made me connect all his
>amazing work. Pretty unbelievable. Nykvist has a long resume
>but nothing I would go out of my way to talk about.

The 2 of 'em have made probably the best color movies. Storaro is a god. As for Nykvist, "Cries and Whispers," "Autumn Sonata," and "Persona," IMHO, are some of the finest works one can find.

>Propostion will not disappoint. I like Delhomme's work alot:
>What Time Is It There, Loss of Sexual Innoncence, Talented Mr.
>Ripley... B/c it's that kind of post I'll share a story

Great story. Thanks.