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Topic subjectBest knowledge post on OKP in a looooooooong time...
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215166, Best knowledge post on OKP in a looooooooong time...
Posted by blue23, Fri Sep-15-06 11:12 AM
Gets past all the usual gossipy hating that goes on here and talks about things people actually like and admire. So much healthier.

So one that I just saw that I have to mention is Claire Denis' "L'Intrus". Have you seen this? I'd say maybe 30 lines of dialogue in the whole thing. A visual feast with just a haunting loop as a soundtrack. This would actually crack my Top 5 I think b/c it's all cinematography.

Angelopoulos? I've seen nothing. School me.

So "Visions of Light" is worth seeing?

Mark Lee - I've seen a number of his films and liked them just didn't realize it was him throughout until now.

Sorry no help with details on ITMFL...

>Storaro and Nykvist haven't been mentioned much in this post
>(the latter, I think not at all).

Storaro is another that this post made me connect all his amazing work. Pretty unbelievable. Nykvist has a long resume but nothing I would go out of my way to talk about.

Propostion will not disappoint. I like Delhomme's work alot: What Time Is It There, Loss of Sexual Innoncence, Talented Mr. Ripley... B/c it's that kind of post I'll share a story that Tom Cox told us about "The Proposition". Apparently Benoit spent all day setting up for these sunset shots and painstakingly did multiple takes and moved the cameras around, etc. When they watched the dailies he left without saying a word and the director found him in his trailer crying. He told the director he was leaving the picture b/c he had failed to capture the essence of this beautiful natural light and was ruining the film. The director distressed went back and talked to one of his AD's. The AD started fooling with the projection equipment and apparently one of the AV plugs wasn't pushed in all the way or some nonsense and all the color came rushing back. They brought Benoit in to show him that all was not lost and he started crying all over again from the beauty of the colors. That's an artist...