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Topic subjectDamn -- your avy is THAT SCENE, too!
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215103, Damn -- your avy is THAT SCENE, too!
Posted by celery77, Fri Sep-15-06 12:16 AM
I LOVE the cinematography in that scene. Sometimes when I'm bored I just throw in the DVD and skip straight there. The cinematography in the whole movie is brilliant, but that one scene STILL manages to stand out.

Other favorite shots from that film are the boat-riding scenes toward the end, the slow roll out of the club with the Frank Zappa musical cue, the understated opening black and white highway shots, and of course the waterfall shots.

>I dig. Your thoughts on "2046"?

I've only seen it once, and it was at a shitty theater where it actually clicked off mid-screening and flickered the whole way through. I've been meaning to watch it again ever since but I've been to broke to cop.

First impressions is that it's the most self-indulgent of his films, heavily self-referential. It had been a few months since I'd seen ITMFL, so I was always worried there was stuff going over my head. I need to watch those two back to back and then see how I feel.

>"Visions Of Light" DVD" (has a few chapters on studio look,
>and other early styles, basic but highly informative stuff):
>There are amazing classical stuff, but I just prefer things
>like in my list.

I think I have a friend who owns this. I'll have to check it out. Thanks.