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Posted by Sponge, Thu Sep-14-06 06:52 PM
>Allright if pressed these are my Top 5 all time:
>1) L'Aventurra - No one else mentioning Antonioni in this post
>is a crime.

He's near tops for me for the ending of "Eclipse" alone. Have you seen Angelopoulos movies? If not, he expands on Antonioni (landscapes, long shots, early Antonioni long takes) in his own distinct way. You might like some. I've only seen 2 and wishing for more.

>2) In the Mood For Love - WKW and Christoper Doyle have made
>some of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen. But this is
>the crown jewel. Perfect from start to finish visually.

Don't sleep on Mark Lee Ping-bin who was the DP for the last 2/3 of the shoot. I hope more people get into his work (I think it's more the case people know his work but not his name and works attached - Flowers of Shanghai, Three Times, In the Mood For Love, Vertical Ray of the Sun, Millenium Mambo, etc.)

You seem like someone who'd know the info on the situation. I'd like to find out who did what in the film. It's very possible that for the sake of continuity, Lee tried to stay consistent w/ Doyle's vision. The 2 are at such a high level that I don't like to use the simplification that because ITMFL is closer to Flowers of Shanghai than the other Doyle-Wong works that it's all Lee. But, from material (interviews), it seems Doyle worked during the phase in which the film was erotic and funny and around the time he left is when the film went into the direction that we see.

>3) Last Tango In Paris - Bertolucci is a master. I could
>watch this movie 20 times and never be sick of looking at it.

I just rewatched this 2 nights ago. Still amazing. Well said, in regards to your comment on its style and content. A focused Brando in a beautiful movie. I can't ask for anything more.

Storaro and Nykvist haven't been mentioned much in this post (the latter, I think not at all).

>4) Days of Heaven
Required viewing for those who haven't seen it.

>Honorable Mention: The Proposition
DVD out next week. Haven't seen it yet. I like Delhomme's work on "What Time Is It There?" (Tsai). The colors and shadows stand out in Tsai's static takes.