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Topic subjectFavorite/Top 5 films based on cinematography
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213989, Favorite/Top 5 films based on cinematography
Posted by Sponge, Mon Sep-11-06 08:50 AM
Favorite/Top 5 and I mean just "5." If you like, list the movies you regret leaving off (short or long list). You can rank'em or not...it's up to you.

If you thought a movie was boring or slightly uninteresting or lacking, but the images moved you like a killer melody or bassline; beautiful photograph or painting; list 'em! Of course, if a film w/ indelible images was powerful, important, and highly engaging...list 'em!

It is cinema...motion pictures, continuous photography, continuous painting with light and color, yes?

Cinematography is the only factor. So this is like listing favorite/top songs w/o regard for lyrics or content....or some other more appropriate music analogy, LOL.


-"In the Mood For Love" (Dir: Wong; DPs: Mark Lee Ping-bin, Christopher Doyle)
-"Blue" (Dir: Kieslowski; DP: Idziak)
-"Happy Together" (Dir: Wong; DP: Doyle)
-"Conformist" (Dir: Bertolucci; DP: Storaro)
-"Angel At My Table" (Dir: Campion; DP: Stuart Dryburgh)

Regretfully left out (some among many:

"Godfather Part 2" and "Godfather" (Coppola)
"Stalker" (Tarkovsky)
"Short Film About Killing" and "Decalogue 5" (Kieslowski)
"Barry Lyndon" (Kubrick)
"Persona" (Bergman)
"Days Of Heaven" (Malick)
"Punch Drunk Love" (PTA) and more Elswit
Wenders films
more Mark Lee Ping-Bing
Zsigmond, Wexler, Hall, Almendros, Coutard - and other usual suspects