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Topic subjecti thought this part was a good observation:
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212054, i thought this part was a good observation:
Posted by dro, Sun Sep-03-06 08:08 AM
"The SuFi, in fact, embodies the appeal of Dane Cook. Short for "Superfinger," it arose from a skit about Cook's quest for an upgraded version of giving someone the finger -- with the thumb, middle finger and ring finger extended. The emptiness of the gesture sums up the frat-boy camaraderie among Cook's fans, and his popularity among college students. In college, after all, jokes aren't really jokes at all, they're just code words for shared experiences. It's considered funny to refer to Burger King as "The BK Lounge" or to refer to a sandwich as a "sangwich" (we did this when I was in school, and Cook uses both terms often). And there's always a code for "You just got dissed!" (Burn, see ya, smell ya later, doh) and a code for "Rock on!" (sweet, dude, party, hell yeah)"

and maybe writers should leave it at that. he's an entertainer more than a comedian, really, although he's billed as otherwise. he saw a segment that he seems to fit into, a segment that didn't really have a comedian, although it has plenty of tv shows, and he zeroes in on it. a brilliant business move. most college kids do just look to have 4 great years and not much more, and dane's brand of humor fits in nicely. sorry that it doesn't critique shit or is particularly smart or fits nicely into patterns traditional comedy fans can appreciate, but i don't think dane really cares.

it was said earlier, but this article is preaching to the choir basically.