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Topic subjecthere's what I'm saying though: why can't we like both?
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212029, here's what I'm saying though: why can't we like both?
Posted by buckshot defunct, Sun Sep-03-06 12:03 AM
Mikhail Bulgakov is funny to me.

So are Youtube clips of fat kids falling off of DDR machines.

Fuck the divisiveness.

Dane Cook is far too generic of a comedian to be this polarizing of a figure. I feel like comedy snobs, for lack of a better term, are using him as some kind of litmus test, some kind of symbol, and I don't like it one bit. Articles like this aren't going to change anybody's mind on the guy. It's the same kind of preaching to the choir that it accuses Cook of. A pep rally for the haters that's only gonna draw Dane's fanbase closer in. The gap widens, and meanwhile guys like me get stuck in the middle.

I can't believe this person wrote 'having fun with a big group of people' as if it was a bad thing. Like 'hating stuff with a small group of people' is any way to spend a Friday night.

Can't we just chalk Dane up to 'nothing special' and move on with our lives?